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 joeyman's staff application

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PostSubject: joeyman's staff application    Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:04 pm

I would like to apply for admin, i am really trustful and know a lot about minecraft servers and plugins and all. i have been admin and co-owner/owner on a lot of servers and i know almost every command, i will never give away items unless allowed and i would never greif or abuse my powers. if i was going to pvp another player i would only use legit items not spawned in items and i would never abuse my powers to raid/kill players, i am a very experienced player and i love to help players with any problems they may have, i can catch hackers and ban them in fact i really enjoy catching hackers/cheaters, i can offer a lot to the server and i could recommend many fun and helpful plugins. thanks for your time, i really appreciate you reading this.

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joeyman's staff application
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